The Research

Since day one, Hardy Girls programming, resources and services have been powered by the latest research in girls' development and education. As Director of Research, co-creator and Colby College Education Professor Dr. Lyn Mikel Brown brings her expertise and research on girls' development to HGHW.

Dr. Brown's approach to working with girls, honed at the Harvard Graduate School of Education with Carol Gilligan and the Harvard Project on Women’s Psychology and Girls’ Development, impacts all aspects of Hardy Girls' programming, materials, and trainings.  As a member of the American Psychological Association's Task Force on Adolescent Girls, she and her colleagues reviewed and critiqued the resilience literature for it’s over-emphasis on the individual and lack of attention to children's relationships and environments.  The resulting article, Cultivating Hardiness Zones for Adolescent Girls, has become a guidepost for our relational approach to working with girls and our emphasis on building healthy communities and environments for girls.

Dr. Brown often teams up with board member and University of Maine Professor of Research and Evaluation, Dr. Mary Madden.  Together they have developed our program evaluation tools, our Training Institute sessions, and our curriculum, From Adversaries to Allies: A Curriculum for Change.  Dr. Brown also collaborates with and seeks advice from a range of other highly respected psychologists and researchers, including Dr. Sharon Lamb, Dr. Niobe Way, and HGHW National Advisory Board Members Dr. Deborah Tolman, Dr. Janie Ward, and Dr. Jessica Henderson Daniel.